Rajan Kumar


Technology Program Coordinator

Dr. Rajan Kumar received his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. His current research interests include noise control in high-speed jets, separated flows, reattaching flows, high angle of attack aerodynamics and intake aerodynamics. He has conducted research in a wide range of topics in the experimental aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. This includes: characterization and control of supersonic impinging jets, side force control on slender cones at high incidence, characterization and control of reattaching flows, and force and moment measurements on a variety of aircraft and launch vehicle scaled models. He has research experience of nearly 13+ years at National Aerospace Laboratories and served at various scientific positions. He is the recipient of Outstanding performance award (1997) for "Notable and innovative contributions to model instrumentation and wind tunnel testing of launch vehicle and aircraft models at the 1.2m trisonic wind tunnel" and Young Scientist Award (2002) for "Outstanding contributions to Aerodynamic research and High Speed Wind Tunnel Testing. He is a member of AIAA and Aeronautical Society of India.

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